New season, old problems!

I just started the new season in Gladiator II. I logged in about an hour after the season started. LUCKY ME!! 30+ level 70 teams gang raped my dungeon, the weakest of them with 50% more power than me! Almost half my honor in my chest gone! What a wonderful way to encourage players below 70th level to rage quit the game for good!

Seriously! How is PvP getting WORSE? Is no one understanding the anger and frustration of those players not in the top 100? Or do they simply not care any longer?


  • Hmm, it sounds like having a grace period of chest protection would be helpful for the initial season clawing
  • Maybe all those hammers being spent on the last 36 hours that don't matter should just carry over.
  • It would be best if people could start higher than champion. There is no reason to force a grind for the people aiming for legend each season, as it forces them to attack low power defenses until out of Gladiator and Champion.
  • @Rkr1970 they will tell you it's pre season and not to worry. Weird how you were attacked so much. I made a 2 man team and nobody attacked me yet
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