Demons and dodge

So i have messing around with the demons. Using malice elle tsume and a sub in.
Their new power as a team is to dodge. Also to dodge more as health goes down.

Is anyone really seeing this? I get the odd dodge here and there but i have yet to see a game changer here.

As a defining team trait should this not be a bit more prevalent?
Im, by no means, saying they should be winning every match by dodging everything. But shouldnt it at least show up enough to be a , hey look at that, sort of thing?

Am i just a rng cursed player? Do they dodge for anyone else or is this just pppppphhhhhtttttttt


  • I recall one match long ago where Ella dodged 5+ hits in a row with a sliver of health to singlehandedly turn a match around. That being said, I haven't used any demons in pvp since way before the pvp revamp.
  • I wouldn't call this 10 month old change a new power. Their dodge really only shined at absurdly low health, but obviously hasn't been significant enough to enter the meta yet.
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