Preseason5 PVP honor shop

Had to check my calendar when preseason5 started. Nope, not April 1st yet.

Token rewards this season, Jabber ?!?, Tsume, Rocky and Ella. When was the last time you saw one of these in PVP ? How about Phenol, Bramble or Hansuke ?
Viperia obviously, but most of us wont hit Legend so who gives ?

So let me get this straight. You totally revamped PVP, couldnt get it right at 4 attempts so you had to go to a 5th, and try to encourage people to PVP to buy Jabber tokens ?


  • Analysis of the forum has shown that Jabber is mentioned a lot compared to the other non legendary heroes. They carefully note what we post. Thank you BF.
  • You can never have enough Jabber tokens.

  • edited March 17
    Jabber is best hero. Why do you complain?

    He's so popular there are players who just run him and him alone...
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