An Idea for High-End PvP

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A great idea that desperately needs attention is the power curve of 60+ individuals.
My Proposal
Only allow a level 60 to be paired with players +1/+2 to their level, and -3/-4 to their level.
This applies for all levels 60+, with the exception of 70, which cannot be paired higher.
The curve of power and grinding is immense once you hit 60. Just starting, a level 60 is probably sporting improved runes. A level 70 to 65 would utterly decimate them, due to having more time to grind for runes. As a level 64 (Almost 65) The power curve is undoubtedly, undeniably extreme. I am facing roster after roster of 3 level 70s who's rune are legendary greater or even superior. This is not fair in the absolute slightest, nor any fun at all to play the gamemode.
Why else?
Dodge chance. A level 70 will gain far more dodge chance being attacked by a level 60-66. If an MK with all superior runes can dodge 6 times in a row, where is the fun in that? Lower levels should not be hindered by this, or so unfairly paired in the first place.
What about level 70s?
As a 70, you should be expected to compete at the highest level. 69+ pairs sounds perfect to me, as you cannot progress further in the levels currently.

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