Leprechaun O'Tsume

Why's he still hanging around mucking up my dungeons after I've completed all the quest levels?


  • NTSRamblerNTSRambler Member
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    Yeah now the event is gone and he still shows. up. I just don't understand how hard a simple quest event is so hard to do right. I'm starting to think you want to drive everyone away so you can shut this thing down.
  • It is now March 20 and he's still mucking things up. It was fun St. Patrick's although he was way too strong to appear in lower level dungeons like he did, but now he's just an annoying PITA. I've given up playing the game until he disappears.
  • I have a 3* FA Torchy, Nimnriel, and a runed up little wrecking ball Kobal (to clean up the other guys) in a <25 level alt account that's working pretty well. It's just annoying that they can't get something like a simple event quest right. Or maybe that was the plan all along. Leprechauns are supposed to be pretty annoying. Maybe 10 levels or repeatable would have been a better choice.
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    @Joel @Eej How long is this PIA going to stay around? Least you could do is reinstate the quest.
  • The quest has been there and is still there for those who haven't COMPLETED it. No need to reinstate anything.
  • O'Tsume, you're drunk. Go home.
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    FatCat69 wrote: »
    The quest has been there and is still there for those who haven't COMPLETED it. No need to reinstate anything.

    How hard would it have been to stop having this PITA appearing once you have completed all the quests? Considering his appearance is (a) dependent upon the dungeon level (he doesn't appear in Chapter 1 dungeons thank the gods) and (b) clearly some sort of random probability check, it should have been trivial to either (a) make him stop appearing once all quests were completed or (b) reset the quests on the next appearance trigger after the quests were complete.

    At least then there would have been some sense to his continuing appearance. The whole idea of a rock-paper-scissor arrangement like we have with the fire-water-nature setup is to be able to choose the right team depending upon the majority types of the creatures in the dungeon. But when you have a constant nature creature, and a fairly powerful one at that, appearing randomly in any dungeon, it screws up the fundamental basis of the game.

    If his color had at least matched one of the bosses in that dungeon it would have been better. I mean hell, maybe there are fire and water Leprechauns in addition to little green ones. After all, I've heard the Irish can do anything. Ils ne sont pas français. Mais personne n'est parfait.
  • I feel your pain. The stupid statues in the old snakes quests were similarly painful although definitely not as destructive.

    My main qualm with these sort of events (happened with Saizo too) is that Tsume's level is pegged to YOUR level, regardless of what your level is at the time, i.e. even if your level has been reduced because you're running challenge levels.

    So if you're playing a low end Challenge level, your heroes levels are all nerfed down to 40-something, but Tsume shows up at level 70, and ever so happy to see you.

    Either way, he's gone finally. Back to the grind!
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    Valicroix wrote: »
    FatCat69 wrote: »
    At least then there would have been some sense to his continuing appearance.

    I'm convinced that this was some cruel St. Patty's Day joke that someone dreamt up. And they like to release these cruel jokes on a Friday and then take off for the weekend.
  • Seems hilarious to me. Randomly throw in a complete ahole. It's a demon, he should be OP and make you want to run upon encountering him.
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