Yet Another Growth Bug (Minor issue)

Obviously this is a lower priority then the many other bugs in the game, but it is a bug nonetheless. Dwarven EMT increases health zero on Lily.




  • Actually i think i can explain that one. They capped Dwarven EMT because it was being abused with furnace and other taunters to get their max health ridiculously high. I believe it can only increase health up to something like 200% over their normal max health

    Growth also increases max health. Therefore if you had a bunch of growth stacks already shes probably already increased her own health above that cap.
  • Great idea.

    I thought the solution to the raising furnace's health to half a million was that the increase was based off of the original max health, and not the new totals. Plus I am pretty sure that she had no growth on some of these. I can test it more.
  • @CentralCommand looks like you are onto something. Guess I was miss remembering the Dwarven EMT changes.


    Wonder how many growths it takes to hit 200% of her original health.
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