Looking for a Starter Guild? Join the Legends and Friends Family!

Legends and Friends is recruiting for its starter guild: Sweden Elite. Sweden Elite is a low stress guild that gives you an opportunity to cut your teeth in Dungeon Boss and get help from a family of pros. We promote from within, allowing you a chance to prove yourself and earn promotion through the ranks.

About the Family: Legends and Friends is our 10.5k guild, PVP Haven is our 10k guild and Society of Elite is our 9k guild. Sweden Elite gets you into our family of guilds on the ground floor. Promotion to Society of Elite requires: Level 31, 180 Crowns weekly and active on Line app.

How we can help you up your game: Our family of guilds shares one dynamic chatroom system (using the Line app) including top players from all over the world, getting you the help and advice you need when you need it, day or night! As a team, we figure out the quickest and most efficient ways to complete quests, discuss effective strategies for PVP attack and defense, and band together for guild games, all the while having a good time in a fun, friendly, family-style gaming environment. Come join in the fun!

To request an invite to Sweden Elite contact H3avym3l (GM of Sweden Elite) or moschophoros (Legends and Friends Recruitment Director) on the Line app.
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