Shade Spirit Link vs Shadowblade

I know this is extremely situational, so unlikely to ever get fixed, but throwing it out there because I can't imagine it's working as intended:

When Shade spirit links an enemy, and then that enemy uses a multi-hit attack where more than one hit is against Shade, if reflected damage kills the attacker before the final hit, they will die and then continue to hit and/or kill shade anyway.

Most meta-relevant example: I just spirit linked shadowblade in a raid to start round two. Shadowblade then used Vampiric Shurikens. The first shuriken went at Shade. Spirit link reflected and killed shadowblade. He then threw two more shurikens that went at Shade and ended up killing him. Either he was dead and should have stopped attacking, or he was still alive and all damage should have been reflected. Rest of team was still alive so it didn't cost me the match, but it possibly could in the future.


  • Schroedinger's Shadowblade. Same happens with Kozar's pummel.
  • Happens with every rampage type, or as @FatCat69 said any multi hit ability. Always has done this. There is no instantly dead mechanic, the heros just finish up their actions for the turn.

    Probably similar to zen's beloved allowing other killed heroes to revenge after their death. The game doesn't know what to do with a pending action when the hero gets killed, so they just go through the motions.
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