Zombi got caught cheating....



  • @D_Rodd Were you able to replicate changing the outcome of a match on an android? From my knowledge, on IOS once the match is started the dodge will either occur or not occur every single time no matter how many times you restart the match as everything is predetermined from assumably a seed number assigned to the match.
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    @MattCauthron - I can explain exactly how to redo specific attacks after watching their effects. Based on my testing this morning, I can repeat one or more PVP attacks via APM, and change the RNG simply by selecting a different target with my repeatable action. I'll upload a video if needed

    EDIT: you are correct that the RNG doesn't change if you repeat your same actions, but it does change if you select a different target. So by leading off with MK, Zombi was able to try up to 4 times to get the right combination of hits to guarantee a good outcome in the battle simply by picking a different target each time.
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    It definitely cannot be replicated on ios to my knowledge, which gives android users a huge advantage.

    I have been toying around with it on Nox, any match where I get it to work I forfeit. I only do this to expose the problem because it really needs to be fixed.
  • Another way to avoid most of the APM exploits would be for server side computations (similar to how Slot machines are moving away from local to server based platforms) It removes a whole slew of potential exploitable nodes. So your device passes information to the server where it gets executed. This does make for a massive overhaul of the system and is not something i would expect to be a possibility for Dungeon Boss / BossFight.
  • @D_Rodd Why not just post the video to eliminate skepticism?
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    Zanza004 wrote: »
    @D_Rodd Why not just post the video to eliminate skepticism?

    Only not posted yet because I am trying to get the 248MB file off my phone and online. Sorry, this sort of thing is not my forte... I'd rather be playing DB :)
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    @MattCauthron I'm guessing that there's a difference between the implementation on iPhone and Android, so that it would work with any Android device.

    My assumption is that the iPhone version of the app just keeps a locally cached file of any move which hasn't been successfully reported back to the DB central servers. This would make it so that even if someone force quit and relaunched, they would end up in the same state and can't select a different target to get a different set of rolls out of the pseudo-RNG seed.

    @Wolfreich they wouldn't need to do server side computations (which would make the game far more reliant upon a network connection), they just need to implement the same client side caching mechanism to preserve state in the case of an unexpected termination of the application.
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    a pvp game online should never be using client side rng. That is just preposterous. And it should never be computated before hand. How stupid are these devs? My god!
  • @FatCat69 Fair point, but seeing as the game is pretty reliant on a connection already, just removing the possibility for tampering with the outcome of results seems like a good idea.
  • @coeurnoir They are using a pseudo RNG routine that takes in a given seed input and will consistently give back the same result, plus a new seed.

    This is why if a PVE level crashes, you can get the exact same result, replaying the entire level with the exact same attack/damage and defensive moves as long as you select the exact same action and targets in every situation as you had the first time around. If you deviate, with a different attack/ability, or by selecting a different target, you'll fall off that path and your experience will deviate.

    This is also why PVP battles can be easily stored/replayed after the fact -- because they've just kept the RNG seed for the battle and the list of actions taken by each of the participants (X attacked Y with Z special attack). As long as the starting point is the same (i.e. same heroes, same buffs, same runes), the calculated output and result of the replay will be identical to the original raid.
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