Original Team Synergy

I noticed that a very fun aspect of this game is teams with synergy. It makes a lot of heroes viable that might not have been before.
Would you want to see synergy and updates to some of our first heroes ever?
Rogar Stonecrusher + Willow Swift + Yasmin Bloom + Stone Fist
These guys are just screaming for a synergy buff called "The A Team"

Let me know what you think! I'd love to be able to use these guys again for nostalgia!


  • I think they are supposed to be weak so there is insentive to unlock new heroes.
    Gorgons have a new guild! Gormandizing gorgon! Yaya!!!
  • What about about shade/Koros/Emily/sb team called the auto win team?
    Gorgons have a new guild! Gormandizing gorgon! Yaya!!!
  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    First five, The four above mentioned and Shadowblade are statistically the first heroes a player should have received back before token redistribution. So no phemus in voiceless hunters. Back then these guys were the only ones with tokens available in chapter one and two. They even had an event for it once...
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