Sick and tired of hearing....

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the following from the devs. What are you sick and tired of hearing most?

Sick and tired of hearing.... 16 votes

We're looking into this.
Tom664 1 vote
We're hearing your complaints.
GukZoinSkip_Holmes 2 votes
Soon. (In any context)
AlbinoSqueegeeTTS1000levics 3 votes
So and so problem will be fixed.
It's working as intended. (Even though obviously broken)
Hagausiumai 1 vote
Match making has been fixed. (Nope)
Contact customer support.
Sorry this event was not fun.
PVP will be fixed.
thegeminiguy 1 vote
All of the above.
seth33bvs72BrazygraddersAllasamalliaRawNESupsetmemeNTSRambler 8 votes


  • You should replace one of them with something along the lines of "Oops, we unintentionally did this. We promise it won't happen again in the future."
  • Nice and productive poll.
  • All of the above.
    I'm paying then what I think the game is worth right now and that is ZERO.
  • Soon. (In any context)
    I'm impatient, so I'm always looking for new content! That's why "soon" is my pet peeve.
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