Found a heroic superior rune in the ice event dungeon.

I also found 2 greater heroics, but their stats were garbage. These were the best rune drops in about 10 runs. Most times it drops 1-2 superior runes for shards.



  • SkulsSkuls Member
    Nice. Didn't think heroic or legendary drop was possible.
  • I've gotten 2 heroic ones unfortunately both were terrible stats but who knows what might drop.
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
  • I've gotten two heroic superiors, one of which was actually usable. Three star blue precision rune with attack on it. Does the fact that I can use it testify to the quality of the rune, or the terribleness of my roster? lol
  • I found a superior legendary with 8% pvp damage! A shame that it was a destruction rune and only rolled 3 stars.

    That's the thing about these rune dungeons, you have to win SO many rolls to find a usable rune.
  • still it's very good anyway as u spend only 10 stamina to get minimum a 3 star greater, possibly 2.
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