Skill Changes and Questions

Regarding the changes to SKILL coming, I have several questions:

1. How would this affect status effects that are binary in nature (either on or off and have no scaling effect) like: Frozen, Chilled, Stoned, Back Splashed, Spirit Linked, Crit Blocked, Haunted, Slowed, Silenced?
2. Could this be extended to giant character changes to have their abilities tied to SKL: Kai's Drenched (have the reduction based on ascension and SKL) , Reptiles Envenomed (stacks based on SKL), Haunted (extra damage based on SKL), Icepick's Frostbitten (% health lost based on SKL), Ignus and Squinch Pyromaniac (base bonus damage on SKL), etc?
3. How would abilities that already include scaling be changed to reflect changes in skill (would it matter): Yorick's Mark of Death, and other characters Fear, Defensive boosts, Def Lowered, and so on where the effect is already based on the ability's level?
4. Would these changes be based on the caster's SKL or the Target's (ie if my IGOROK has a low skill because he doesn't need it (frozen is not SKL based) and Yasmin heals him is her SKL used for the calculation or the target's?
5. How would this affect Rune distribution as essentially some character's now have a Rune-tax to get their SKL to a perceived needed level to be effective (so some characters would have to choose between Offense/Defense/SKL and other need not concern themselves with SKL, thus reducting the viability of SKL use characters.
6. Creating new RUNE formula's (Nature and Dark have no SKill runes, thus limiting characters of those Elements to fewer rune slots of wanting to be SKL focused)?
7. Changing Rune Formulas (all 3 Runes Types grants the same bonuses (SKL, Dodge, Crit, Health, Def) Could different elements make their runes more focused on that elements key things, or be changed to enhance the skill users of those elements (Need to look into specifics but that would be reliant on the changes to SKL and abilities and thus characters)?

That's a long list (and that's just off the top of my head) This is a HUGE undertaking and i hope you guys are successful in making SKL something cool.



  • 1) Skill would only be applied to certain buffs IE: Ember. Not all buffs would benefit from skill. Certain buffs that area already very strong (Haunted) may be specifically excluded from receiving a skill buff (I specifically asked about haunted)

    2) Given the size of this task, I highly doubt this will occur.

    3) If they already appropriately scaled with skill... wouldn't they just remain unchanged?

    4) Caster's Skill

    5) Skill would have diminishing returns like every other stat. You would be able to get a reasonable amount of skill from the focus rune slots available. This helps with balancing similar to all the other stats.

    6) This is done on purpose. The same is true for every rune type. It allows stats to be balanced.

    7) I'm honestly not sure what this means. I think removing skill from power runes alone would be great.

    I think you are trying to overcomplicate things here. Skill would do the following

    1) Increase the effectiveness of healing
    2) Increase the effectiveness of certain buffs
    3) Increase crit rate (At a smaller degree than actual crit)

    It will be removed from certain runes where it doesn't make sense ie: Power. Very few heroes would want attack and skill.
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    Hi Matt

    You seem to speak with a great deal of informed opinion, I'm unsure if you have information most others do not, I'm not trying to over complicate things, i'm laying out how complicated the statement "SKL changes" is.

    1. What determines the certain buffs? So SKL won't affect debuffs in anyway (or are you using Buff as a general "status effect" placeholder. If that's the case why mention Haunted (which is a debuff)?
    2. Sure, which leads to the question why or why not its hard is really not an answer.
    3. They aren't based on skill they are based on advancement of the ability. They aren't scaled by skill (did i phrase the question in a fashion that was incomprehensible, i could rephrase?)
    4. Yup this was answered in the last summit, i know the original intent was to have SKL also allow a chance to throw off/ignore debuffs based on comparative SKL.
    5. But the current set up of runes was not mindful of changes to SKL so it would create strange instances where SKL based character of Yellow would be more potent than those of DARK (and to a lesser degree Green). Yellow/Water characters could have 4 Focus runes, Dark/Nature could have 2, Fire could have 3, (barring strange rune slot setups). Stating already created characters had these changes in mind cannot possibly be accurate.
    6. See above it clearly was not. Since SKL was not a relevant stat it would seem that the Rune set up was done quite arbitrarily. The only real hint of some cohesive design was that Astrid is a Red character thus barrign her from the Defensive Blue runes and forcing her to have 2 primarily offensive Red rune slots.
    7. Basically Adding/Removing SKL to other runes. You alluded to this with removing it from ATK runes, why some attack apply debuffs or do healing (Vampiric).

    So yeah if those three things are being looked into it means that.
    1) Dark/Nature Healers are at a severe disadvantage (Dagrund, NubNub), Yellow/Blue at an advantage (which i'm cool with the Blue/Yellow Healers make sense to me).
    2) "Certain" is the weird thing here what are those certain buffs, I mean again Dark/Nature buffing character will be at a disadvantage (NubNub, Rocky) it creates some archetypes to not work as well in those elements. I mean NubNub seems to be getting the shaft with this change.
    3) This seems straightforward but again Yellow characters are getting crit crazy and Dark/Nature getting "diminished". This is a strange one as characters like Black Diamond gets a nice boost to allow her to use her critical damage bonus, and Torchy's SKL boost passive is nice for beast teams. So with this one i'm unsure if its a good change or just a change for the sake of change.

    I'm not trying to throw a wrench in the works, but there is no such thing as a small change, with 70 odd characters and PVP being a thing any change has serious knock on effects (see the Rocky incident).

    Again i'm not trying to call you out, thank you for your feedback, I just want a conversation on the forum on the SKL changes and i haven't seen anything that tickles my design itch.

  • @Wolfreich

    I don't have access to any additional information in regard to this subject. Common sense and the information Eej provided in the summit answers most of them.

    Also I 100% assure you that you will not receive an actual response to these posts because your editing alone makes it almost impossible to decipher, and the questions are written quite poorly. I was simply trying to help out! Once the skill changes take place, I'm sure we will have a nice write-up detailing what changes occurred.
  • Oh, I wasn't asking for a response from devs merely making my concerns known, my ego isn't that inflated.

    The problem is with assuming what the devs will do based on the little information there is in the summit, I mean again look at Rocky.
    And I have drawn some different conclusions than you from that same information so there is that.

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    I guess what I'm saying is I'm probably the only person that even read that wall of text! It wasn't easy >.< I honestly didn't even read the 2nd wall because it was even more difficult than the first. I realized that you took time to type it however so I tried to get a little discussion going!

    I don't think anyone took the bait. Maybe if we tag random members and call them out on their skill we can sucker them in here.
  • Hahaha, I guess that's true i just see a lot of the abilities and interaction as a giant web and I tend to consider all the strands when it comes to moving a point.
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