Runes with Ability

Maybe u already talked about this topic so many times, but i'm new in forum and it seems to me that if ability increases vengeance for slow heroes, it would be useful to wear ability runes...until now i discharged all of them as i wrong?


  • Not sure what you mean by "runes with ability". You mean the passive ability available on some runes? Or are you saying there should be a stat that dictates the chances of vengeance for a slow hero?
  • Adding passives to runes will make this game more hectic...

    They need to fix the rune issues they have already before adding that..

  • I meant Ability on runes increases Healers' HP regain, and ipotetic critical frequency, isn't it? But there already is a Chance ti critical hit for all, so instead of critical hit frequency, the Ability may change for every category of heroes (gain % on vengeance for slow heroes, or % of evade on fast heroes...)
    I'm sorry for my horrible language but i studied english only until 18 years old...and my dungeon boss is in italian (with some hero's name in german :s )
  • Perhaps in english Ability translates with SKILL....
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