Introducing Chief Nub Nub's Epic: Chief of Staff!



  • The event dungeons are also proving good rewards. Gotten a few heroic superiors so far.
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    Time to pay credit where credit is due. I haven't played this much DB in a single day since the Halloween event (excluding the last Guild Games). The stars aligned and gave us a great weekend due to (1) the release of an epic (2) 3x materials all weekend long and (3) PVP event dungeons which are worth running for rune materials at 3x payout. This is the kind of event synergy that gets me hopeful for the future!

    2 slight improvements to the event would be: (1) Fix the Epic recipes (why does everyone need red materials!?) and (2) make every unlock of the event dungeons allow multiple runs (something discussed about in recent summits.) Only one playthrough per event dungeon unlock doesn't allow you to really ever get in a rhythm
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  • Agreed with the majority of posts here, this is a great event. The cheating issue is still an issue, but this is at least a lot of fun.
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    Matsuda241 wrote: »

    Far too easy for someone who is a big spender with over 300k roster to say. At higher level brackets, I'm willing to bet the most domineering fire hero to win is Koros. But as I've mentioned, it's easy for you to justify using other fire heroes to get wins if you're within top 100 and maxed out. I said what I said because I've obviously weighed the options for my team within a reasonable margin and conclude that I'm not going to beat 24k powered teams with a non-Koros fire hero.

    Show me someone completing all their fire PvP quests without a Koros, and I'll maybe consider your statement partially valid.[/quote]

    I'm f2p in champion1 right now and seeing a bunch of 19-22k teams.

    Aside from that, your roster is terrible, for whatever reason. But ok, not everybody has time or money or has been around for a long time.

    For hi level teams in champion one, you can often substitute Viperia for Koros.
    Put her behind furnace, there's your red.
    Or do Cobra/Viperia.

    If you can't do Koros or Viperia, then it will be much harder.
    At that point you'd need great runes to put on somebody like Ponti
  • this is awesome and kinda upsetting on so many levels.
    THEy NeVer LoVed ME!!!
    THREy neVeR LOvED PEAShY!!!
    y0uLL Ju5T hAVe TO J01n tHe r3ST Of thEm IF you oPPosE PEASHY!!!!
  • Nice epic, not quite as good as Yasmin's in the cleansing (single cleanse) or attack bonus (1.5x not 3x), and no actual heal on the epic (though an epic crit is still a crit so it still heals) but the defense boost helps make up for that a little.

    In the goblin team with the bonus attacks from Zurk and King Bramble, this will be a great benefit, likely to trigger a lot.
  • What about the dwarfs??! .. Why do you not like them?.. They have just finished all other teams, beasts, monsters and reptiles and now they are starting with the goblins. Trust me, I love the goblins! They are very useful for autorun 3 boss dungeons, but the dwarfs are.. dwarfs!! :) Every adventure should have some great dwarfs :)
    But love that you have released an epic that will NOT change the power in PvP once again.
  • @Matsuda241 I'm level 65 in champion1, I use my torchy all the time brotha, I have a koros but I choose not to use him at all. I also use cobressa.
  • Matsuda241 wrote: »
    echonap wrote: »
    Matsuda241 wrote: »
    Show me someone completing all their fire PvP quests without a Koros, and I'll maybe consider your statement partially valid.

    There are so many viable red heroes besides Koros. And you are not required to win the pvp matches. What else do you expect?

    Your roster is terrible. Matt gave you multiple great options, but none of those are available to you. It's not the game's fault.

    This is the most generous event since Winterfest. Good job BF!

    Lmao. What's with all these whales trying to tell me my roster is terrible? What did you accomplish on your account within ~90 days of play time. I guarentee you if we compared the progress of our accounts on a day-to-day chart, my account would blow yours out the water.

    All these kids with their $8000 accounts with 400 day play times trying to tell me my VIP 5 roster is terrible. Please.

    The funny part is Echo has spent less than $20 on his account. Not exactly whaling it up over there.
  • I think @Matsuda241 is getting a big head here, tbh your account might actually suck so said because you have no viable red heroes to use, almost every dungeon boss player knows to work on many characters in different aspects, not to just focus only on the meta completely brotha. There's more to the game if you manage your stuff and pass it around to everybody. Like I said I'm the same lvl as you and same bracket and I use my torchy and cobressa almost all the time.
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    Matsuda241 wrote: »
    danac wrote: »
    Matsuda241 wrote: »

    Aside from that, your roster is terrible, for whatever reason. ....

    Lmao, my roster is terrible? Only recently did they nerf Kozar and Zen. Before that, I never cared about having a well rounded roster because the game was set up in a way where you could essentially dominate every aspect of PvP and PVE with just 4 heroes. Due to this change, I am forced to adjust by starting build up a few other essential heroes for PvP. Runes aside, the majority of my team is FA with ~90 days of play time. I'd love to see progress of your account at ~90 days play time.

    If you read my initial comment, I don't have furnace FA, nor Viperia FA, and no Koros. RNG only blessed me with furnace at level 64, and I never bothered with the reptiles (like most others in the game).

    Then that's the reason, that you haven't been playing long and focused on only a few heroes.
    This doesn't change the fact that your roster is terrible, nor does it mean you're a bad player. It just means your resources in countering some teams are going to be very limited.

    I missed Viperia in your first post, saw furnace, was trying to work around that.

    The developers of this game have shifted its play design to a large extent to force fast leveling up for people like you, so that you will hit a wall of superior players/teams and be inclined to spend money to catch up. This does put you at a disadvantage, how you respond depends on whether you want to spend cash or just chill and progress more slowly.
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    @danac, well said.
    Always keep striving towards tomorrow because you want to live another day and tomorrow never dies!...DM

  • The funny part is Echo has spent less than $20 on his account. Not exactly whaling it up over there.

    VIP2 baby! First time I've ever been called a whale. :smile:

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    Check out my review of Chief Nub Nub's epic weapon, 'Chief of Staff'. Can he match up to Yasmin's Seraph's Aid? Have a watch and you'll find out...

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