Rune Tracker excel by Smooge

I made a rune tracker in excel.
It totals rune stats for each hero.
It auto formats based on your rune quality selection. You can load in your extra runes too.



  • Very nice. Much prettier / more elaborate than mine. I've thought about calculating totals on a per hero basis, but haven't gotten to that point.

    FWIW - I built mine to have each rune in a single line so that it made it easy to sort or filter based on the type, rarity, element, power, etc. I like it, but it's nothing I'd want to share. Still too hard to move runes from one slot to another -- easier to manually re-enter the traits when I swap things around.

    Would love it if they gave an easy way to export this information from a live profile so I wouldn't have to manually log/update them for each Free Unrune event. ;)
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