Beast PVE team - rune advice

StyxusStyxus Member
I finally got Pignius to 6* yesterday.
I am thinking of setting up a heavily runed PvE beast team including bovus and pignius.

I am unsure as to how I should rune those two, and I don't know either which are the best beasts to go with them, and/or if adding a fourth non-beast character would be efficient (healer or tank).

I saw what @Zombi did in his video (link at the bottom) and that's awesome, but I'm not that advanced yet (for epics i mean, and my groggnog is not 6*).

What I can do from now on is focus on runing my beasts, and fill up my team while I try to upgrade yasmin and grognog, or find replacements. Any advice ?


  • echonapechonap Member
    The best beast team is Lupina, Torchy, Bovus, and Pig. This team can autorun green, yellow, and red boss island if runed properly with max epics. Here is how I have mine runed. All greater heroic. No legendary, no superior.

    Lupina - three attack runes, two vampiric
    Torchy - three attack runes, two vampiric
    Bovus - three attack, two vampiric
    Pig - five vampiric
  • JaxBoomstickJaxBoomstick Member
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    I've been told I use too much defense ... but I like to be able to take a couple hits.
  • StyxusStyxus Member
    Great answers thanks. I'll have to skip on vampirics for now because I'm out of Fangs but in the end I will try to end up with smth similar.
    Only thing is I am good with undead/gobz for the epics dj, i meant to use beasts for legendary dungeons (and autorun epics as you said) to farm superior runes
  • echonapechonap Member
    I've been told I use too much defense ... but I like to be able to take a couple hits.

    Yea, my build dies sometimes, but clears very fast. Sub 3 minutes for boss island. Any epic will clear the room, including final boss room. With three max epics, the chance of no epics in a room is only 35%. Most of the time, the room will still be cleared by 4 non epic attacks, as long you get some critical hits / double attacks. The only time it loses is in a mini boss or boss room and no epics trigger for 1-2 rounds. Vampiric helps mitigate that, as well as Pack Tactics, but there is probably a 5% fail rate. That's when you use a friend summons to finish off the battle.

  • The beast team for running boss mode dungeons is more of an advanced/end of game type team because it does require you to put a minimum of 2 vampiric runes on your heroes plus having 2 epics fully maxed out to be successful.
  • StyxusStyxus Member
    edited April 2
    @Kegman913 yes that's the point. I'm not yet able to reach the highest pvp leagues, but I am close from 3starring boss mode (50/66). That is why I want to start working on that because soon all I'll have left to do will be Legendary levels and PVP
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