Could Emily be a Better Healer?

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I feel Emily's "Healer" tag is a bit undeserved. Sure, 2 of her 4 abilities technically heal, but one requires an ally to die first, and the other not only heals and cures less debuffs than Augustus' Lay On Hands, but is on a longer cooldown too! I get that her Epic attack gives her energy to help bridge the gap between Cleanses and Ressurections a little bit, and you could pair her with allies that give her more energy, but do the same with any other Healer and you're much better off. I'm making this thread to see what you guys think Emily needs and to propose some changes of my own... so here's some stuff I came up with:

Resurrection -> Reduce cooldown from 20 to 18 turns, and perhaps grant the revived ally an Aegis shield and Impervious for a turn upon being ressurected.

Cleanse -> Move to her last ability slot, and reduce cooldown from 6 to 3, but keep the healing amount and debuffs removed so that it's not more powerful than Augustus' Lay On Hands.
Another option I was considering would be to make it a team heal, to add to her reliability as a healer as all "good" healers seem to have one, where it cleanses 1 debuff but heals everyone, like Yasmin's Team Mend but with a cleansing aspect to it. Obviously this version would have a longer cooldown, like 5, maybe even 6 if the heal is potent enough.

Purging Smash -> Move to her second-to-last ability slot. I'm thinking since Malice and Emily are basically opposites, and Malice has "Purging of Sins" which removes debuffs from allies, Emily could have a new ability in place of Purging Smash that removes two buffs from all enemies. Perhaps it could be called Divine Intervention or something heavenly like that. And it's cooldown would be... whatever Malice's Purging of Sins is I guess.

Also, I think if Emily is supposed to be the opposite of Malice, she ought to have some extra passives as well. Maybe some like...

Divine Radiance: Heals all Light allies a bit each turn.


Free of Sin - All non-Dark and non-Demon allies are Impervious for the entirety of the dungeon.

Or maybe even...

Purity (Oppisite of Gluttony) - Allies deal 1.6x damage,-.2x per buff. Would not be affected by buffs that are always active (like Plants having Growth or, if the previously mentioned passive existed, allies having Impervious on them). Damage wouldn't be able to go into the negative multipliers though.

What do you guys think?
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