Some Hero Rework Suggestions (I like the new trend, devs!)

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First off, I love the new trend of combining the release of an Epic with the hero's rework. It's a nice step towards balancing out older heroes. Secondly, I'd like to thank @thegeminiguy for his poll post collecting data on which heroes everyone wants reworks for the most! It's very helpful to us gurus and by extension, the devs. So without further ado, here's some hero rework suggestions I've come up with based on suggestions I've read on the forums, in order of most in need of a rework to least:

1 - Taukumi (+Atk, +Def, +Hp)
Remove passive: Armored
Remove passive: Perfect Swing
New passive: Perfect Chill - This hero cannot miss, and deals 1.25x damage to Chilled targets.
New passive: Frosty Armor - Chance to Chill melee attackers, Immune to Chill, and reduces physical damage (basically Armored with benefits)
New passive: Arctic Guard - Allies take reduced damage from Chilled enemies, and take 20% reduced damage when Frozen.
New passive: Cold Footing - After 1 turn has passed upon entering a dungeon room, all Fast enemies are Slowed.
Frost Katana: Reduce cooldown to 5 turns. Boost damage to Frost Katana. Whenever Takumi applies or re-applies Chill to an enemy, adds energy for Frost Katana by 1.
Bitter Strike: Reduce cooldown to 5 turns. In addition to dealing damage and Freezing the target, grants allies Frosty Armor (his new passive) for 2 turns, and buffs Def for all allies.
Guarding Strike -Change to-> Frozen Sun: Melee physical attack on one target for [70% Atk] damage, deals +.5x damage for each cold debuff (Chilled/Frozen/Frostbitten) for a max of 2.5x damage. If this ability kills the target, they turn to Ice and Shatter, dealing damage to all other enemies equal to 10% of the damage dealt by the initial attack, with a chance to Chill each target.

2 - Abigail (+Atk, +Hp, +Skill)
New passive: Adrenaline Rush - Hero gains Haste upon killing an enemy. Only works once per turn.
New passive: True Brutality - Instead of gaining "Attack+" buffs from attack-boosting moves (Like Rage Strike), this hero gains stacks of Brutality. Essentially, they are the same buff, but can stack up to 3 times and last 2 turns each. At 3 stacks, getting more Brutality simply refreshes the timer. Buffs like "Goblin Dance Party" that buff Attack but also have secondary effects will not turn into stacks of Brutality.
New passive: Brutal Grit - For every stack of Brutality on this hero, they gain increased Def. Lasts as long as any stacks of Brutality are present.
Furious Charge: Reduce cooldown to 7. Same as before, but rallies all Warrior allies to each attack a random enemy as well.
Skull Cracker -Change to-> Skull Smasher: 3x attacks on a single target, chance on each attack to apply the debuff 'Concussion', which deals damage each turn and lowers the chance for the affected target to hit (like Poison and Daze combined)! Concussion lasts 1 turn per instance applied (Max of 3 turns). Cooldown: 3
Rampage -Change to-> Braveheart Rampage: Before attacking, lowers Atk of all enemies. Attacks target and 2 random enemies as usual, but grants a stack of Brutality for each enemy killed. Cooldown: 5

3 - Sifu Jianzhi (+Def, +Hp, +Skill)
Remove passive: Shocking Grasp
New passive: Superhuman Nerves I and II - Immune to Nerve Damage, and chance to Shock on any attack (Superhuman Nerves 1 grants Shock chance equivalent to Shocking Touch III and Superhuman Nerves II grants Shock chance equivalent to Shocking Touch IV).
New passive: Electro-therapy - Allies heal a small amount when attacking Shocked enemies.
New passive: Snatch the Pebble From My Hand - Heals allies 10% and Warrior allies by an extra 5% whenever this hero dodges an attack.
New passive: Free Foot Massage - Whenever this hero heals an ally with an ability, grants Evading for 1 turn to this hero and the ally healed.
New passive: Warrior Footwork - 10% increased Dodge chance for all Warrior allies.
Feet of Fury: Grants Warrior allies +Def before attacking. Increase Crit chance bonus from 5% to 10%.
Heal Ally -Change to-> Concentrate Chi: Channeling energies, Sifu heals all allies, and grants them Spirit Immune for 2 turns, and removes 1 debuff. Cooldown: 3
Rampage -Change to-> Be Like Water: Attacks target and 2 random enemies like usual, but grants 'Like Water' before attacking to all Warrior allies for 2 turns. 'Like Water' increases dodge chance, and grants increased resistance to Chill and Freeze. A percentage of the damage dealt is divided among team members back as healing (I was thinking about 19% of the damage would be fair).
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