Matchmaking anomaly


Not that big of a deal as I felt I could beat all these teams, but interesting that it ended up in reverse order for difficulty. I'm sure others have come across this. I know how it can happen after @Eej explained how team power is calculated, just found it curious how this was the opposite of E/M/H.


  • KaceyKacey Member
    It's not based on the team, it's based on a subset of hero power.

    The guy on the left - despite having a stronger team has a lower subset than the guy on the right, who does however have a weaker team. The guy on the right is stronger in calculation due to however they calculate, but the guy on the right has evaded that, but I can't be sure how because the calculation is kept private to avoid people manipulating it.
  • Hmm
    Top 100 players have been seeing me (not lv70) as there far right options while I'm seeing them as middle options
    Needs tweeking but better than last 8 seasons by far

  • danacdanac Member
    There are and will be anomalies. I see them a lot.

    Sometimes I'll see a far right team with 19k incl 2k rune power,
    sometimes I'll see one with 31 k and 5 k rune power.

    Other times I'll see a 21 k team far right as the easiest choice.

    There will be no way to stop this, but even so the choice selection thus far is better, and the anomalies aren't too prevalent.
  • Yeah I didn't bring it up as a gripe, just more of a curiosity how the matchups shake out sometimes. I for one am enjoying this season and PvP again because I was one of those players who always seemed to hit that "soft ceiling" where wins were hard to come by. I don't think I've had to refresh at all this season, as I don't mind taking a mulligan if far right seems too scary.
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