Rune farming and where to do it

Hey guys!

Im returning to the game after some time off and need some help on runes.

What id like to know, best offence and defence runes to use?
Where can i farm runes 3 star and above and whats the best way to farm materials for these runes.
I get steam rolled in pvp cause everyone is so strong and i have no runes so i suck

Thanks in advance


  • Run the Dwarves Rune War event dungeons. The second one gives a nice amount of mats for crafting runes, and the third one gives really nice runes.

    And they are scaled to be completed at most levels. Good luck.
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  • According to the teamyou want to use the best runes change:
    -For Beast or Undead Team vampiric runes are great on offense (PVE)
    -For goblins all rune giving crit are good until you hit the 50% limit
    -For Rogues like MK/BD/Shadowblade you should max out crit and add dodge and attack
    -For teams centered around Furnace/Emily planning and dmg reduction runes are mandatory.
    Finally for most teams Life/Bulwark/Power runes are always helpful.

    Personally I never use resist runes. I think it is more efficient to use defense and HP or damage reduction

    I always salvage runes that are not at least rare and greater.

    To farm greater rune you must 3* Boss mode dungeons

    To farm rune material you must 3* normal and challenge dungeons.

    I use gems to tune up runes, when you have plenty of heroes it is better to upgrade you best heroes than invest in upgrading heroes you will not use.
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