Runing my heroes

For pvp and pve i thought about 3 attack and 1 life 1 bulwark any shed some light on whether this would be a good route to go down? Lvl 58 btw returned to the game after a year or more


  • KaceyKacey Member
    Runes are dependent on the hero, what will be useful on them. PvP builds work in PvE too, so don't worry about that.
    For example:

    Bauble has high base dr and depends on staying alive to be useful, so is best suited to a damage reduction build using planning runes.
    Koros is(frustratingly) effective at demolishing teams using his aoe, and has 5 potential power slots, so is best suited to an all power build with green champion runes.
    The undead aren't usable in PvP for the most part however, so are best suited to a mix between bulwarks and vampirics.

    it's just a matter of asking around if you don't know which runes to place on a hero, lots of us are experienced and willing to help. :)
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