New Damage Limit Changes?

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Damage in pvp is what makes it impossible to play.

Kira being capable of doing a 20k AOE in the first turn then Shade being able to do a 50k ability that also fears and dark deathmarks the whole team (pretty much Shadowblade's first ability but with 2 damage multipliers) makes PvP unbearable.

Then you have Koros who is top-tier broken right now being able to have 5 Power Runes and can do 500 Thousand Damage . Somebody tell me, in what universe is 500 thousand damage fair, because I've NEVER seen any hero with HP past 30k and yet we have Heros dishing out 70-100k AOEs and Koros doing half a million. There's no balance and everyone focuses on the hero himself to be nerfed but what really needs to happen is required Damage and Damage Resistance limit.

Runes are great but we need some kind of limitation because DMG% is not focused on, no one uses Destruction Runes because it's much easier to have a higher total with Power Runes then Destruction Runes. Then people get 5,000 Base DMG unchecked and just destroy everyone. PvE is also funny and hardly a challenge at all because of this problem with DMG.

Just like Dodge there needs to be a limit for each hero for balance. This way we can have Kira specific to killing Undead or crowdcrontrol damage, and not be a Room Clearing Monster with High dodge, No crit and extra turns.

So maybe Koros for example, he does tremendous amounts of DMG and to a high number of heris that are magical in pvp because of having 5 slots for Superior Legendary Power Runes to be placed. So why not make his Base DMG limit 3000 or 2500 so that it can still be balanced and so that people may invest in other runes like dodge or defence for Koros and not just make him a DMG dump.

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  • All that needs to be is either place a % cap on heroes that have all atk runes, like if you have 5 runes each with 100 atk, the more atk you have the less that actually counts toward the bonus. Instead of 500 atk you would get like 368. That or only allow one type of rune per hero. So if you already have a power rune then you can't have another. Just force players to use the rune system the way it was meant to be used, to actually balance out your heroes stats, not just slap atk or all def runes on. It should have been like this from the beginning. The moment I saw runes released I immediately knew I could just throw all atk runes on fast heroes and have it easy, or put them in tanks. If runes were setup thid way nobody would have overpowered heroes. Every hero would have to wear different rune types like, atk, power, defense, skill and tactics, which will bring all stats uo, and not just skyrocket atk.
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