Welp, U havn't seen the last uv me!

Ive veen playin this game since 2015, and i haven't been on 4 a while. Not on forums or the game, but guess what? Ive been playin the game for 2 years, and ive been on forums for 1, so u didn't think I was off for good did u? Not after all that. Just been busy and enjoyin war thunder 2 much. U have 2 pic and choose some times, right? Welp, I always have good ol Dungeon Boss to come back to when im sheddin a tear for bein a noob at war thunder, and i can always go back to good ol minecraft in the rare circumstance i feel like a nub at this game. Anyway, my whole rant is sayin, im not done, not yet at least,



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