Been gone for a year. Just coming back. Bring me up to speed.

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I quit dungeon boss about 1 year ago when I got a new phone. I recovered my account on sunday and am overwhelmed. I used to dominate PVP w
an awesome fast team and now Im struggling. Im starting to understand that Runes are super powerful and some of the new new heros are outstanding. I dont know which direction to build. Im lvl 51 w 17 six star heroes and 27 five star heroes. Most of them I like are full ascended, but all of these heroes are older. I typically avoid getting experience and plan to continue that. I have 3700 aether after unlocking basic aria and ascending her but Im afraid to spend more until I under stand more about the new game. Any general tips, tricks or ideas to bring me up to speed would be great. Any super effect strategies to counter Koros?? Effective strategies to get runes and power them up?? What is the best way to get more masuta kira tokens? I love but he i only 4* so I done play him as much?
Thanks so much
Im a lvl thirty eleven Lagromancer


  • I am in the same boat. I stared back up about a week ago. Apparently some of the older characters got a rewrite, including Dagrund being the latest. I would love if someone could post a list here. Apparently factions are a thing now, goblin teams are good and undead teams also. PvP is still a complete mystery to me. I was using a fast team also. Runes change everything also, so all your guys get wrecked in PvP until you get runes on them.
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