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Attn all Bastion Guildmates, past and present! I am pleased to announce that we have been making changes to our Guild's proboards website. Come login and check it out, maybe stay at the new pub for a drink and talk with your guildmates before getting back to the game.

Also, if you don't have an account...wait what, no account! Come on people! ;) Takes 2 minutes and you get in for help and secret conversations and what not. So make an account, while we wait for Season 1 PVP to start.

Here's our link, see you in there...
Officer - Level 65 - "The Bastion"


  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    edited April 12
    Announcing = Me, sirolk99, your new Guild Officer. :)

    Lvl 64 player, I get my crowns, and I'm mostly a pretty laid back guy.

    Years ago I ran my own Proboards website (Colonial Command) during the Battlestar Galactica heydey when SciFi was running their weekly online games. So I offered my help to Guildmaster Eli. He accepted and made me an officer, and here I am...

    Feel free to PM me here or on the Proboards website. See you around! Now go get those crowns. ;)
    Officer - Level 65 - "The Bastion"
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