Introducing Myself on the DB Forum

Hello, everybody! I'm Crimson the Kid, but you can call me Crimson. I made this forum account 1 year ago, but I was pretty much silent. Now, I just wanted to make myself known to the DB community.

I'm a daily Level 70 player in Dungeon Boss. I do love the game, that's for sure. What I really like is the game's art-style, how combat plays, and the Heroes! The Heroes are intriguing as they all their own storylines, or background. I do want to create some fan-made concepts (or Art) featuring the Heroes of Dungeon Boss. After all, I'm quite imaginative.

There's other things about me, actually. I play Gummy Drop! (a Match-3 game), I like to do Art, and I'm currently a Senior high school student who is taking a Game Design class utilizing Unity and Blender (creating the game and 3D modeling).

Guess that's it for my introduction. Again, hi, community! :)
Crimson's Links: DB Wiki | DeviantArt | Minecraft Forum | Twitter
IGN: CrimsonKid


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