Rune rundown

I'm slowly starting to care about runes more, instead of just slapping on whatever feels decent on a hero so I guess I got a few questions I should finally ask.

What the difference between all the attack and defence stats, why do we need damage reduction AND defence? Same for attack and just straight damage? Should I prioritize one over the other regardless of hero?

A few heros I'd like some advice on are Ella, currently focused on crit but wondering If I should change to attack or something else so while she won't crit as often as she does now, when she does it'll hurt even more. Valkin currently just a mishmash of runes but when I use him I'm surprised at how much damage he does, does he have a specific role I should be focusing on instead? Hansuke, really just want to know if he's even worth it I love him but I'm seeing him die so easily.

Also are superior runes the only runes that get passive abilities like haste and the elemental skins? Probably got more questions but that's enough for now


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