Dungeon Boss Heroes in a Nutshell

"Even if I'm drenched, dazed and diseased, I'll still destroy your entire team" -Koros

"I'm part of Pontifex's legendary team, but I'm basically just the seat warmer" -Balog

"Under Pressure makes me kill my allies more than my enemies" -The Furnace

"I used to be king of PvP, then Masuta and Shade were invited" -Tsume

"Even though I dodge more frequently, I'm less annoying than Masuta because I'm more predictable" -Aria

"It's been fifty years and I'm still in a stalemate against the enemy NubNub" -Chief NubNub

"Im pretty much an upgraded Bovus" -Grog-Gnog

"I stole Brom and Executum's signature abilities and made them ranged. Still, nobody noticed" -Daeris

"Don't worry, I'll protect you- as long as the attack isn't AOE, a crit, or a damage bonus" -Hansuke

"I'm still waiting to be poison immune" -Phenol Thoxian

"I had Turn a Blind Eye before it was cool" -Phemus

"First pvp, then the world." -Masuta

I'll probably make a part two, or you could try one of your own!
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  • Some good stuff! A lot of (funny) truth going on in here. ;)
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