Any guilds looking for a feeder guild?

I formed a guild with some friends and we're learning but not the greatest. We have built it up from personal participation rewards to some measly guild rewards but we constantly have the issues of members stopping playing (and getting booted) or members getting the hang of the crowns deal and then leaving for greener pastures. If we're going to lose people anyway maybe we could become a training/feeder guild. So, like the title says, if anyone needs a guild as a feeder it'd be great to discuss it and maybe make several parties happy.


  • Hi there, message me on LINE (ID:joeeycarter) and we can talk? Can't promise anything but there's always room for discussion?
    Level 70
    GM of Thunderous Rage
  • danacdanac Member
    The Potato army is always looking for more.
    I hear they only have 634.
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