Just for Fun Fan Made Hero, The Silent

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Background :
Once, he was a child who like to laugh, and his father hated him to laugh. So, his father cut his tongue, torture him, and locked him up. In one night, Brom came to his house to take the child father's soul, and he found the child dying. Instead take the child father's soul, he took the child to the graveyard, to being resurrected by Ponti.

Most Hated Hero : ?

The Silent is "Fast Magical Undead Rogue"

(Upon obtaining)
Traits :
Speechless (Immune to silence for him and undead allies)
Magical (Take less damage from Magical Attack)
Lifeless (Immune to disease and poison)
Fast (Attack first)

Skills :
Stab (Basic physical melee attack by stabbing enemies)
Child Nightmare (Ranged Magical Attack, attack one enemy and spread NIGHTMARE *4 turns* debuff to all enemies)

(Nightmare : fear and chance to damaging enemies every turn)

(First Ascend)
Traits :
Laugh in Silence (If an enemy use silence skills to The Silent or his allies, The Silent will get boost attack and dodge)

Skills :
Dagger Dance (Melee Physical AoE, strike all enemies and chance to wound enemies)

(Second Ascend)
Traits :
Savior from the Past (If he teamed up with Brom, Brom will have chance to heal him every attack he does)
Madness (Increase Crit damage and hit chance)

Skills :
Backstabbing (Basic physical melee attack on enemy from behind, chance to ignore defensive buff from the target) (replace stab)
Shadows Empower Me (Buff all dark allies elemental resistance and the buff increase for each enemies attacked by skills, max 3 stacks)
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