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More and more heroes are being added over time. Its becoming tedious to try and find heroes I want to use, especially with a user interface that is far from smooth to scroll through. I would suggest implementing some kind of hero sorting, maybe by categories such as most used, class, type, element, etc or allow us to create preset loadouts.


  • Yes please hero sorting! I'd also like a side bar so I don't keep accidentally clicking things and have to scroll all the way down again.
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    This would be a brilliant addition, definitely support this :)
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    People on the forums have been asking for Hero sorting for ages. I do hope they add it soon, it would be very welcomed. I think the best three categories would be Element, Level, and Power. If that's not enough, perhaps categories for type (Rogue, Undead, Construct, ect), Name (in alphabetical order), and Speed would be useful too. And if you STILL can't find your hero, maybe a little search bar would be nice too.

    Also, can I ask where this hero sorting would be? Because whenever I picture hero sorting I picture the screen when you're selecting heroes for a dungeon, but I assume you're also talking about your hero roster in town. I think a neat feature for that would be an option to compress all your heroes' portraits into a smaller space (imagine like, a 4-columb grid of just their faces) where you could just tap on the picture of the hero you wanted. And a search bar, of course.
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  • There is plenty of room at the hero selection. I was going to make a shopped pic later to give an example of how well this could fit into roster selection. There needs to at least be sorting by highest hero power, name, type or just a favorites where you can add/remove heroes by tapping and holding until added or removed from fav tab. The roster is really screwed when changing shared hero. I wanted to set Hopper as shared and she was all the way at the bottom...there are way too many heroes to not have this option by now. I would gladly throw some more money out there for this feature to make life easier.
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