Did anyone got a screenshot of preseason 9 top100 board?

i'm curious that i didn't receive rewards from being in top100
this is a screenshot when my guild mate took when the tourney ended.

Did anyone got a screenshot? i want to know if i'm in top100 or not


  • RexobRexob Member
    I have a SS, but it's for me which was top 50. Being 100th, when was your SS taken bc there was a LOT of movement in the bottom 20.
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  • I have a screen shot showing me at 69 taken with 1 minute left. When it closed I had dropped to 72.
  • shiggity80shiggity80 Member
    edited April 2017
    Sorry mang, but you probably dropped out at the last few seconds because my guild mate Dr. RadX ended up being 98th. Sucks for sure.
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