How do you spend your day?

I started playing again a few weeks ago (lvl 64 now). I am wondering how most of you spend your time playing? Do you start with gold and evo island? Do you spend most of your time rune farming? Boss island? Content clearing? I am interested in players across different levels and priorities, so if someone has a good detailed answer, but you play differently, please share.


  • KashHattonKashHatton Member
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  • I start the day with a great summon, a shop purchase, a rune salvage, a quickloot of boss island, and a manual run of gold island, evo island, and exp island, while throwing in a friend summon along the way. Next I'll do Rune Temple and Creon's Home for a Bauble and Lily token. Then I'll check the daily quest log to see what are my kill targets and finish those off. Then I run pvp at least 3 times, and up until I lose my streak. By now, all my crown quests are complete.

    Once all that is done, I buy pwnage points x2, run the tower, and use all that energy to auto run boss island. If there is an event dungeon with better drops (tons of mats, superior runes, etc.) or guild games, then substitute that for boss island.
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    I'm level 68.

    I´m a night owl so I usually do my daily quests the minute I get them (around midnight). The next day, I use my PvP tickets first (I was sulking for a bit but now that the system is fixed, I'm back to my old habits). Then I use all my stamina for whatever event is going on. When I need more, I buy it from the pwn shop. If there's no event, I usually farm Boss Island.

    I don't have a strict routine though. Maybe I should. It's the best way to efficiently manage your ressources.
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    I complete guild quests in the morning, then do the tower, then spend the rest of the day running challenge mode reflection halls with Shade so I can use a Deeplake Ranger...
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  • KaceyKacey Member
    quests, PvP through the day, rage quit when my 40 streak is ended by a dodging viperia, then do whatever event quests come up at event reset.
  • FrogatismFrogatism Member
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    Tower, finish all crowns, 20 stamina gold island, quickloot all evo islands, PvP 52 times at the most, spend the rest of my time on events if they're worth it.
  • start by 8 raids, do some campaigne, earn gems, craft a rune if possible, then quit and go play modern combat 5 or clash royale
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  • I usually start with a few raids then play something else soon after losing my win streak.
  • DB , Mario run, clash Royale , random platformer, rinse repeat
  • DB , Mario run, clash Royale , random platformer, rinse repeat
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