My Therand Rework

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Scientist Therand Siin

Mystical 1/2/3
Armor Hunter
Bomb chucker(3rd)- Basic Ranged attacks deal Splash damage[10% ATK]
Armored resistance (2 accession)
Repairman1/2(2nd/3rd Accession)- Repairs every construct for 15/20% of their hp
Perfect Swing
Resolute Stance(3rd)-takes 25% less damage from heroes with dodge chance(Gained by traits) and deal 1.25 bonus damage to heroes with dodge chance

Throw Wrench/Dynamite/Barrel- same as original

The G.F.B(Giant Freaking Bomb) - Deals [125% ATK] to all enemies, and inflict them with Radiation(radiation, prevent healing and lowers a characters ATK and DEF

Thermal detonator - Deals [59% ATK] Physical damage to all enemies and inflicts Off- Balance which lowers ATK[-30%-0.5%/lvl] 2nd accession

Cheers Mate - Drinks a barrel of Beer, giving a tipsy buff(Giveshim 35% dodge chance) then chicks the barrel at a single enemy dealing Physical damage[85% ATK] 3rd accession

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