Abigail the Brutal rework

Rework how Abigail looks as a whole


- Dual-Wielder(same as Hagrims)
- Rebel Yell
- Savage Fury(Same as Tsume)
- Frenzy 1/2 (starts at 2nd accession)
- Maiming Strikes(3rd)(Attacks have a chance to inflict nerve damage(like buzz saw))
- Armored
- Clan Code- While on a team with Balog, critical attacks deal 250% damage, instead of 200%

- Dual-Wield
- Blood Frenzy - Attack 2 random targets, dealing physical damage[105% ATK]. This also gives Abigail the buff Blood frenzy, which prevent her HP from dropping below 1, gets a chance to revenge attack, any enemy that attacks her[Revenge chance calculation 35% SKL + 0.5%/Lvl] and all basic attacks life steal for 50% of damage dealt.
- Furious charge(Same as before)(2nd accession)
- Mutilate - Attacks a single enemy 3 times, dealing physical attack[85% ATK] each attack reducing the targets max HP by the damage dealt.(3rd accession)
Guild: Spud Brigade
Level: 63
Favorite hero overall:Shade | Favorite Caster: Shade | Favorite Rogue: Torch | Favorite Tank: Sir William | Favorite Warrior: Augustus | Favorite Healer:Nub-Nub | Favorite Dwarf: Dagrund | Favorite Reptile: Viperia | Favorite Undead: Hansuke | Favorite Beast: Grog-Gnog | Favorite Legendary: Pontifex | Favorite Dark Hero:Shade | Favorite Fire hero:Torchy | Favorite Nature hero: Hansuke | Favorite Light hero: Augustus | Favorite Water hero: Grog- Gnog
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