Should I re-install?

Serious question -- It's been a few months I believe.

That was back when Pre-Season rewards were removed if you got knocked down a tier. Match making was atrociously imba (Top 100 stomping me in Champ I league). And the events of Winterfest and whatever came after were just garbage.

Has it improved? I see the new heroes, Koros, Ivy, and now Hopper -- Koros seems to be all the rage

So should I pick it up again, or keep doing the PS4 thing..?


  • One of us! One of us!
  • With the crown change, it's so easy to be in a 10.5k guild now. If you don't like pvp, you can always just keep your account semi-active and reap the rewards of being in a max guild so you don't fall too far behind.
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    Start playing dungeon boss and trying to permanently leave like:

    Wants Control over a Legion of Spiders
    In game Level: 70
    Shared hero: Archangel Emily (Lvl 70), Epic level 12
    Lord of the Fries of The Potato Army Random Mook in Tater Squad Nameless Grunt in Tater Tots
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