Samurai Takumi V2 Concepts

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Samurai Takumi himself is really, really useless considering how all of his abilities do very little, and the only special ability he has is Perfect Swing, which wouldn't really matter much in the meta of fast, heavy damage-dealing heroes who don't even require to Evade attacks.

The boosts below are meant to turn Samurai Takumi into a heavy-hitting hero meant to deal with Fast heroes better, and to make the Chill and Freeze debuffs in his original ability kit more prevalent and useful to make him more powerful.

They should also allow him to serve as a viable team member for many teams, but the best in Water-focused teams due to the synergy he has with them. Takumi does not focus much on true attacking potential, but his status effects can still help out much, and if on a team with Selwyn, IGOROK or Grog-Gnog, they can help Takumi keep enemy heroes under status effects for multiple turns.
Thought he could use a bit of a newer design, by the way. Otherwise, it could be a new skin for Takumi. Ronin Takumi maybe?
Stat Reworks:
- +ATK
- +HP
- +SKL

Reworked Passives:
- Way of the Samurai (Replaces Perfect Swing): Cannot miss and gives Takumi a 25% chance to revenge all attacks that hit him.
- Dragon Guard I/II/III: Ally Warriors have +15 / 20 / 25% HP and +5 / 10 / 15% ATT. Their attacks also have a 25 / 30 / 35% chance to increase their own DEF by 20 / 30 / 40% for two turns.
- Hail Slicer I (replaces Chillin’ Master, gained from start): Basic attacks have a chance to inflict Chill or Freeze. Attacking an enemy with one of these debuffs increases the chance for the other to be inflicted if they are not affected by it already. Only works for basic attacks.
- Hail Slicer II (first Ascension): Increased chance to inflict Chill and Freeze.
- Hail Slicer III (second Ascension): Attacking an enemy with both debuffs causes said enemy to get Slowed.
- Challenge Accepted

Reworked Abilities:
- Duel Stance (Slash): Basically Slash, but if used consecutively, does +10% more damage every time, the maximum damage boost being 50%.
- Snow Blade (Frost Katana): Basically Frost Katana, but attacks four times instead of three. Also does additional damage to enemies who are already Chilled.
- Subzero Sunder (Bitter Strike): Takumi charges at an enemy at high speed, dealing heavy damage while having a high chance to Freeze. Takumi then gains 20% chance to Evade all attacks for two turns. Does 2x damage to Fast heroes.
- Shattering Wind: Takumi attacks an enemy for high damage, removing up to three buffs from it. If said enemy is affected by both Chill and Freeze, that enemy takes double damage from the attack, and is Shattered (Slowed by one speed level, while also lowering DEF and ATT.) for three turns.
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My old DB account got messed up after I didn't play on it for a while - couldn't log into it for some reason.

Therefore I have created a new account to try and get my boy Hansuke again.

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