240+ player Looking for guild

I am looking for a 10.5k guild. I can get 210 or more crowns every week. Im am level 47 in game Hero roster power 94k life time pvp trophies is 140k. I am a very ambitious dungeon boss hurry now and scoop me up! If interested email me at chocolatesauceisgreat@gmail.com. (Weird name but is legit)

*Note I do not use or have line. (Its not that great anyway)


  • nunyanunya Member
    Most of the better guilds use line. But good luck. :)
  • RexobRexob Member
    Going to second nunya - if you're genuinely "very ambitious" you'll get Line - there's almost no way around it for guilds who consistently earn 10.5k
    IGN & Line: N00BST4R Lv69 Top 50 PS9
  • Jumping on that line HYPE TRAINNNN. Yea if we can't communicate with you, it's a deal breaker. That being said there's a lot of more casual guilds hitting 10.5k. Not sure what you consider "very ambitious", but if your cool chilling with some chill cats in a chill guild...

    I'd suggest hitting their guild masters up on line.
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