Never had something like this in PvP

So I advanced from Champion 1 to Warlord 3 though was just barely in Warlord 3. A soon as I clicked to receive my rewards I got attacked and lost enough points to drop back to Champion 1. The middle difficulty was a single Hansuke at 1st level which I couldn't pass up to get back to Warlord with. So I selected in and attacked. It went to the load screen showed my 4 heroes and froze completely, no text no nothing I exited and entered the game again and then restarted the game figuring it would tell me I was in a PvP battle did I want to attack or retreat. Well it didn't do that I went to the town screen. I went back to PvP and now I'm Warlord 3 again and there is no loss on my log after the win which put me there. The choices to attack are different from when I chose the 1st level Hansuke as well.

Anyone see something like that before?
I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
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