New Campaign Idea

Actually, The Campaign is a little bit boring with the same dungeons and enemies, that's why I have this idea!

-New Campaign
What I mean with new campaign? Reset the whole chapters and do new levels with different stages (I'm going to explain it later :P).
Also, each chapter could explain stories from some heroes and you must use them to complete the chapters (a good excuse to ugrade and try old and new heroes).
For example, Chapter 1, the story of how Rogar began his adventure to find his father. Chapter 2, when Rogar finds Willow and she becomes part of the team. Chapter 3, bla bla bla...
With this, the game would have a little bit of lore and do it more entertaining. If you dont have a hero, the game with gave you that hero to complete the level! (Yay!)

-Various Stages and New Enemies
We all know the different kind of stages in the game like the volcano, the forest, ice cave, dark forest and the mountains with weird statues and bridges. But with a new campaign, we need new levels with different stages and enemies, like these:

>Desert (Light): This is an idea that I found in the forum (i don't remember who had it).The boss fight is inside a pyramid. The treasure room is an oasis.
-Enemies: Desert Thief (like Shadowblade or MK designs) Dead Exporer (like Yorick) Pyramid Guardian (like Aria) Mummy (like Lord Zomm) and the boss... [weird name] The Pharaoh (like FA Zomm).
-Sparkling Things: A cactus, a skull, the typical bush of a desert.

>Haunted Mansion (Dark): a BIG old mansion filled with darkness.The boss fight is on the roof. The treasure room is a room with candles.
-Enemies: Evil Spirit (Shade) Dark Bat (a bat...) Haunted Armor (William) Rusty Haunted Armor (Executum) and the boss... [Bla bla bla] The Evil Spectre... (FA Executum or Shade design).
-Sparkling Things: A candle, a helmet, a painting.

>Magical Forest (Nature): a colorful forest with mushrooms and magic. The boss is on a cliff with a gold pot and a rainbow. The treasure room is just a circle with trees and other things...
-Enemies: Mad Mushroom (Rocky) Magical Essence (Lily) Leprechaun (Leprechaun O' Tsume) Hungry Bunny (Hopper :3) and the boss... [Asdfghjwh] the Wizard (Selwyn).
-Sparkling Things: a little gold pot, a mushroom, a bush.

>Galleon (Water): a ship filled with barbarians and warriors. The boss is beside the rudder. The treasure room is a pub with broken tables and cups (hehe).
-Enemies: Barbarian (Balog), Pirate (Abigail) Prisioner ( a dwarf, elf or caster) and the boss... [Hmmm] the Captain (FA Balog, William or anyone with a face of a captain).
-Sparklimg Things: A table, a weapon stand, a chair.

>Volcano (Fire): a very BIG and TALL volcano filled with all kind of burning things. The boss is inside the crater (so hot!). The treasure room is a circle with rocks and other things... again...
-Enemies: Magma Lizard (Krexx) Lava Eater (Phenol) Burning Fury (Koros) and the boss...[ O-/-<l: ] The Fire King (Ignus or the dwarf of gold storages).
-Sparkling Things: Bones, a rock , or the boss statue.

With these new designs and enemies, the campaign would be so cool and funny and some heroes would have a official story!

I hope you like it,Thanks :)


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