[Bug] Hopper Hoppy ending changing order of turns in tower of pwnage

Hi, i wanted to report a bug regarding Hopper's passive hoppy ending in tower of pwnage, a good strategy i use to clear floors is to kill enemies in order so my heroes play before they do, but when i use hopper when he eats the enemies corpse the order of playing is changed
i know my post is confusing so here's a example:
Enemy team in order:
1. grog gnog
2. tsume
3. nimriel
4. yasmin
My team:
4. koros

So the normal order should be, masuta, hopper, grog gnog, valkin, tsume, koros, nimriel, yasmin

My strategy is to kill grog gnog with masuta and hopper, so i play with valkin to freeze and avoid damage from tsume, but when hopper erases enemy grog gnog corpse, the order is changed and tsume plays before my valkin.

I dont know if this is a bug, but it doesnt happen when hopper is not in the team.

Something similar occurs when there is a pontifex in enemy team and you kill him to try the strategy.

Sorry is this post is confusing if someone understood this can you try this in tower of pwnage and make a better post thanks.


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