210+ VIP 10 Player LFG

RexobRexob Member
edited April 2017 in The Guild Hall
IGN & Line: N00BST4R (those are zeroes)
Roster: 236,538
Trophies: currently 415 Lifetime & will finish Top 100 for the 2nd week in a row
GG Total: ~89k (stopped b/c PvP required losing to play & win)


IGN & Line: N00BST4R
Mauling Ogres Lv70


  • I hit you up on line.
  • danacdanac Member
    I think you need to join Final Boss.

    We collect ****Star players.
  • FelleFelle Member
    Hello, i just created a guild and i'm looking for players like me and you (240 crowns a week) if you want to try to enter the guild is called The Crowns, for now we are few but hope to complete it as soon as possible.
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