Sparkly Items and Big Heroes

Sparkly, clickable items tend to spawn behind the biggest hero (looking at you IGOROK), who is positioned at the back. When you enter a room you can see the sparkly item get covered up by the fatty making it unclickable. Can it be set so items get priority on clicks instead of the character in the foreground?

(also, loving the new item generosity. Now please add some love for mandrake root, silver, and Totems)


  • it's made worse by the fact that the game seems to want to put the biggest heroes at the back, no matter how you arrange them in your lineup.

    beyond frustrating.
    soon™ - it's the answer to everything
  • FatCat69FatCat69 Member
    edited April 2017
    The "large heroes to the back" was done intentionally because people were hiding smaller heroes behind Igorok so they couldn't be attacked ages ago.
  • I picked 4 normal sized blue heroes to auto run this event just so I don't miss any candles. Seems like such an easy fix.
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