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Multiple times a week while playing primarily on my Iphone the game will crash when loading a pvp dungeon. Upon restarting the game sometimes it will not offer me the chance to continue the dungeon, it will just credit me with a loss and end my streak.

Is anyone else experiencing these kinds of issues? Its driving me nuts to lose huge streaks to something like this.


  • This has been happening to me ever since the pvp seasons started. It has got better, but I believe it to be an ios memory leak error. I find that I don't get credited with a loss as often as I used to but it still happens! If you hard close your game and reload every five or so pvp matches I believe you can better avoid the problem but it is a hassle.

    I mostly play on an emulator now to avoid all problems.
  • DrixkDrixk Member
    Thanks for the advice
  • Happened to me last season- twice. Probably 3-4 times more crashes but they let me continue. (on ios). But twice during 350 matches... hard to pinpoint a solution. twice that it's happened was on a long winning streak. (25+)

    Happens VERY consistently during pve (on ios). Again, usually at the end of the run of a 5 stage map. then losing out on random sparkly drops..

    VERY frustrating.
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
  • This doesn't happen much to me but when it does I feel like throwing my phone.
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