(Fan-Made) The Cannon, Friend of The Furnace

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Welp, 3 days ago, I was thinking if The Furnace have its friend, so, I make one

The Cannon (Water)
(Legendary Construct Caster)

Friend of The Furnace, this construct caster put its enemies in deep freeze, changing its weapon between cannon and howitzer, also destroy enemies from distance and close.

(Upon Obtaining)
Traits :
Construct : Invurnerable to all debuff but cannot be healed
Armored : Takes less damage from Physical attacks
Armor Piercer : All attacks ignore armor
Cold Generator : Increase his health for each water OR construct ally

Basic Attack :
All for One, One for All : At first turn, fire cannon ball, at second turn, fire blunderbluss (spray cold-steel ammo, inflict small damage), and so on.

Skills :
Frostburn : Attack all enemies and reduce their speed, chance to freeze target.

(1st Ascend)
Traits :
Ice Shard : Attacked by water enemies increase blunderbluss damage for each stack (max 5 stack). Reset each encounter.
Steel Repair : Increase repair effects for all construct allies.

Skills :
Cold Quake : Smash an enemy with cannon-arm with chance to daze. Do 1.5x damage to frozen enemy.

(2nd Ascend)
Traits :
With Old Mech-Pal : If teamed up with The Furnace, it gains Arbs of Steel
Unmelted Ice : Doubled chance and duration to freeze enemy.

Skills :
Frost-Nova : Using 10% of max health, explode, deals cold damage to enemies. Can't be used if its health under 15%. Chance to freeze enemies.
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