Tower of Pwnage - Pontifex NPC and Zen PC

So when attacking, Zen cast enlightenment, and it also enlightened the enemy team. after killing Pontifex the first time he resurrected in bone form. My last attacker died. When I went back to the dungeon it was flesh Ponti... on steroids. Whittled him down to what should have been a skeleton and when he died again bone form did not appear, but ressurrected as Flesh Ponti. Killed the last attacker (again) and when I went back to attack, he didn't even appear. I didn't have to attack and won the dungeon...?


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    Ok, there's a lot of stuff going on here. You're saying:
    • Zen used Enlightenment as an AOE? And on the enemy team?
    • Pontifex died an immediately revived in his flesh form?
    • You won an attack as soon as you entered a floor?

    Do you have screenshots for any of these? Has anyone else encountered these?
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  • Wow, that's just all kinds of messed up there.... :/

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  • similiar thing happened to me yesterday , i was clearing a floor with shade, pontifex, grog gnog, nub nub, i killed nub nub , grog gnog and i kill human pontifex, then the skeleton pontifex and shade kill my spare team, i go with MK to finish the clear of the floor, and when i entered skeleton pontifex dissapeared , so i only had to kill shade that was weird
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