Green and Blue Champion Runes

Will Green and Blue Champion Runes make their way into the cycle of weekly pvp rewards again?

And if so, should their 4th effect be nerfed to fit in line with the rest? (i.e, not a global +/- x% dmg in PvP, but maybe vs. a specific group similar to the other three runes?)

Summary of what each of the runes do today:

Green Champion (the most versatile imo): Atk/ Atk/ Def/ +% PvP dmg
Blue Champion (also really good): %DR/ %DR/ HP/ %DR in PvP (DR = damage reduction)
Red Champion: Atk/ Atk/ HP/ +% dmg to Armored
Purple Champion: Def/ Def/ Atk/ %DR vs Rogues
Yellow Champion: Crit%/Atk/Atk/ +% dmg vs Casters

It would be nice to make them all consistent - either nerf the green and blue, or upgrade red, purple and yellow to have their 4th stat applicable to everyone in pvp. I'm leaning towards the green doing + dmg vs. healers, and blue to do % DR vs warriors.


  • BrazyBrazy Member
    Hell no. You can't nerf them now. Leave them as is and change the ones going forward.
  • nunyanunya Member
    I agree with @Brazy. You can't nerf the already existing runes. But, perhaps you only meant future runes?
  • nunya wrote: »
    I agree with @Brazy. You can't nerf the already existing runes. But, perhaps you only meant future runes?

    No, I was actually suggesting to normalize the champion runes, existing and future, but that is probably not a very popular opinion. That's fair.

    So I hope the green and blue ones make their way back as a prize some day, as they were in preseasons 1-?. They seem so much better than the other runes, which have very niche uses.
  • The darks are not as exciting as the others but IMO, the reds and yellows are pretty good. Sure, greens and blues are better all arounders but the reds/yellow are not that far behind.
  • The green and blues are the best hands down. The yellow runes are pretty awesome when you think about what else is readily available for an attack rune that is yellow.

    The red, yellow, and purples can't be mirrors or comparable to the green and blues or else the game would be broken. Credit to the devs for not just making the yellow match the blue and the purple/red match the green.
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