Rune unequip question

Lets just say you have some runes equipped to a hero and your rune inventory is full (you dont have empty space to earn runes and you must salvage).If you unequip the runes from your hero, where do they go?They disappear or they are auto salvaged for parts?


  • Neither, they go into your rune inventory. Let's say your inventory is full and you unequip 5 runes. You would then have to salvage 6 runes to have 1 empty rune slot.
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    I advise cleaning out your rune inventory at least twice a week in case you find anything good.
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  • You can go over the limit. No new runes will drop from dungeons until you salvage some though.
  • Weird. Seems like they would just make it so that you would have to salvage some before unequiping, but I'm ok with it.
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