E M H is gone now?

This is why I have 79 raid tickets. I've stopped playing pvp because its udder rubbish.

I'm in gladiator, and haven't seen an
e m h choice since the new season started. Jackie moon, the medium choice, is a top 100 player.

Note the power rankings on the choices as well.



  • I think it may take a while at the beginning of every season before EMH shakes out
  • echonap wrote: »
    I think it may take a while at the beginning of every season before EMH shakes out
    i thought the whole idea was that it wasn't going to be based upon your current placement, but your potential based upon some complex algorithm that takes into consideration your most used heroes / etc.

    season standing shouldn't have a play in it?

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  • I wouldn't accept "the power rankings need to be shaken out" because it's literally shown as H M E
  • Don't know how it works exactly. Just offering a theory. By the end of last season, it seemed pretty good to me. My guess is that matchmaking takes into consideration where you are in league standings as well as the RP of a few bookmarked heroes.
  • i currently strictly only pvp 3x a day now for guild crowns.

    after the total lack of action from the APM saga, i have no interest in even trying to compete.

    i'm surprised by how many single player defenses i'm still seeing, several of whom have been in the supposedly "hard" spot.

    i've also had many "easy" lvl 62s completely wipe out my lvl 70 attackers with their MK. would have been annoyed / pissed at one point, but now i just am glad that the pvp is done.

    on a separate note, anyone know other good mobile games?
    soon™ - it's the answer to everything
  • fphfph Member
    Sub-set of your overall hero roster power and potential. Check the forums. Check the runes. If some clown has an elusive rune on Kira press the attack button because they have no clue. All the answers are in the forum.
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  • seanluckyseanlucky Member
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    It is theoretically possible to manipulate your roster by guessing which heroes you believe they use in their subtotal hero power calculation and removing runes off these heroes. It is also possible to naturally have some weak heroes that are used in the subtotal calculation, while having a pretty fleshed out roster outside of this. It is also ALSO entirely (and unsurprisingly) possible that the matchmaking system still needs work.
    @jackiemoon81 has a "Come at me bro" tier roster [380K hero power] and doesn't mess with subtotal manipulation, so it doesn't make any sense to have him as a medium choice. Not to mention the Team Power from E, M, H in your selection is in complete reverse (logical) order...

    To be fair, I haven't PvPed much this week, but it definitely looks like it needs further tweaking as the few matches I have had are players in Boss 100, while I'm in sitting as a "Champion."
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  • KaceyKacey Member
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    Kegman913 wrote: »
    I wouldn't accept "the power rankings need to be shaken out" because it's literally shown as H M E

    If you think team power is indicative of actual difficulty you may as well just raid randomly.. have fun with @ace_1650cp 's "easy" snake team.. the low power must mean it's easy right?
  • I farm Jackiemoons team all day. Wished he popped up as my hard everytime.
  • nunyanunya Member
    @Tyson88 that sounds like a dare :p. ;)
  • I don't like the matchmaking either, but totally opposite reason. I'm top 100 and my daily routine is letting my 6 year old son steamroll a never ending line of "hard" matchups that either aren't even level 70 or are so far below me in runes and strategy that they may as well have an auto-forfeit mechanic in game.

    Did it earlier in a line chat, but here's another round of screenshots of hard choices from a bunch of refreshes. I think my valkin could solo all these teams. No offense to anyone shown, of course. Just not right that they show up as my hard option over and over.

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